Hospital Guide
Labor & Delivery

For yourself:

  • A few pairs of socks – Thick and comfy ones to provide warmth in the cold delivery ward.
  • A pair of slippers – New non-slip ones preferably for you.
  • Underwear – Heavy after-labor bleeding might leak and stain your underwear. So cheap and disposable panties can be used and thrown away if it happens.
  • Nursing bras and breast pads – For breast-feeding mothers of course.
  • 1 comfortable going home outfit and shoes – One that’s comfy and loose. (You may not be pregnant anymore, but there is still extra fluid retention).
  • Jacket, sweater or house coat – Keep you warm in the hospital. Especially important for mothers who practise confinement periods, where you try not to expose yourself to cold and breezy air. Also suitable to wear on your way home.
  • Hairbrush or comb


For your baby:

  • Baby mittens & booties – Baby booties to keep their feet warm and cozy. Baby mittens to keep their fingernails from scratching their own face as their fingernails can get pretty long and sharp.
  • Baby towel – Something thick and comfy to wrap your baby in case it’s cold. Newborns love to be swaddled.
  • An outfit to wear home – The hospital took care of clothing for newborn until the moment we discharge. So just one set of baby clothing would do nicely.


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