1. Can I see a specialist after office hours?
    Yes, you can. In the case of an emergency, our Medical Officer will admit you and the specialist will attend to you immediately.
  2. How do I get to DSH(HQ) via LRT or Monorail service?
    DSH(HQ) is accessible by both Star LRT and the Monorail service. To get to DSH(HQ) via this avenue get off at the Titiwangsa station. Then cross the overhead bridge and walk down the stairs. You should come to the Perkeliling Bus Termina and you will see Vistana Hotel on your left. On your right is a river and crossing above is the LRT track. Follow the riviert and walk until you see the main road. You are now at Jln. Ipoh. DSH is on the left
  3. Can I buy medicines over the counter?
    No, you may not buy medicines over- the-counter. If you need medicines you are required to see a doctor first who will prescribe medication for you.
  4. Can I talk to your doctor(s) over the phone?
    It is our policy not to encourage patients to talk to doctors over the phone as they are busy with their clinics. You are strongly advised to come to the hospital to get treatment from our doctors.
  5. Can you send an ambulance to my house to take my ill relatives/family members to your hospital?
    We don’t have a facility for home ambulance services. You can, however, call the following number for ambulance service and get them to arrange transport to DSH(HQ). Transportation fees apply.
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